May 24, 2005

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, Erath County, Texas

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in Stephenville, Texas, specializing in birds and small urban wildlife:

Spring 2005 is in Texas!

Here are some photos of critters that have come through here this year, some are still here of course! Please click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of the photo or view my special OPOSSUM INFORMATION PAGE!

3-legged female Opossum, 5 months old5 Opossum babies, 6 weeks

Important Note: Most opossum babies end up orphaned, because their mother was hit by a car (their only real defense is to play dead...) or killed by dogs.

So PLEASE, if you care and you happen to hit an opossum with your car - accidents happen - take a minute and make sure that there are no babies on the animal, because they usually survive a lot within momma's pouch. After all, they are America's only Marsupials.

If there are babies crawling around, collect them carefully, keep them warm. Do NOT attempt to feed them anything.

For more info please go to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue Website!