Aug 1, 2008

Good news and bad news

Today went by with a laughing and a crying eye.

Honey found a new home. From now on she is taking care of a 19 year old boy in a wheelchair who needs a companion during the day. This was EXACTLY what I had imagined for her, so it felt more than right to let go, but my heart is still a bit heavy.

Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened :)))))))!

She has been such a delight to take care of and I am grateful that I was blessed with her presence for solid 8 months. Have a good life, Honey! I miss you!

On a lighter note: I took Doogle to the Vet today. His heartworm test came back negative!! WHOOHOO! That was the green light I needed to get him started on his vaccinations and schedule his appointment to get neutered for next week Wednesday.

Unfortunately the fundraiser has not yielded even 10% of the cost we need to cover, so if you can spare 5 Dollars, please consider making a donation in Doogle's name!

Also, his brother is still up for adoption and residing at the Erath County Humane Society. Here is his ad:


Small Young Male Dog

Erath County Humane Society, Stephenville, TX