Jun 9, 2008

2 Great Danes and 2 Yellow Labs at the Lake

Olliver, Olivia, Butters, and Honey had a blast at the lake today. Olivia and Honey have been to the water for the first time. Honey had no problem and jumped right in and was swimming after the ball within 2 minutes.

Olivia was a bit shy at first, but she did swim a few yards, before she decided it's not for her. Jumping around in the water is one thing, swimming is another, hehehe.

There is so much life in Olivia these days...people stop on the street when they drive by my yard, just to awe at her. And Honey is as sweet as Olivia is pretty...I can't believe how lucky I am to get to keep 2 results of my work. Usually I have to set them free or adopt them out, but this time I get to keep a couple :)))).