Mar 31, 2009

Frosty, the newborn Kitten and 9 Opossum Babies

The shelter just called and said that the ACO brought in a newborn kitten, ice-cold, probably not going to make it, if I wanted to try it anyways. OF COURSE I DO!

He sure was icey cold, so cold that I named him Frosty right away! After I warmed him up, he suckled like a champ, peed and went to sleep purring. I think he has a good chance :


It's getting crowded at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue! I'm up to 9 opossums, 8 squirrels, 2 kittens, a momma dog with her 4 puppies, and a rabbit.

7 of the 9 opossums were being tube-fed until yesterday when they finally figured out how to lap from the bowl:

And here are the 2 older opossums: