Mar 9, 2009

Baby Squirrels, Baby Cottontails, Trinity, Boy Scouts

3 days ago I received 3 squirrels of about 5 weeks, eyes fully open. A playhouse was taken down and moved to another city. On arrival, the babies were discovered. They were a bit dehydrated and scared, but otherwise in good shape.

Yesterday, I received 2 more babies with their eyes still closed, but about to open any day now. They are close to 4 weeks old and also in very good shape.

I also received 2 baby cottontails (in addition to the one I already have for a few days and who is doing great!) with their eyes still closed and badly injured by a dog. They are also very dehydrated and starved, so I don't have much hope for them, but that won't keep me from trying to help them.

The Boy Scouts have also been busy building a flight cage for the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, so that I can apply for the federal bird permit:

And last but not least, Trinity together with her mother Honey in their new forever home: