Dec 18, 2007

Ruptured ligament

I took Josie to the vet today and the diagnosis wasn't too good. She has a ruptured ligament in her left hind knee and the surgery is in the $800 range...

She can live with it, but it will not be pain free, her leg will be stiff, she will always limp and probably develop arthritis early in that leg.

I'm hoping to either find somebody to adopt her that can afford such surgery, or I have to do a fund raiser.

Josie's personality is absolutely amazing. She is the calmest dog I have ever encountered, yet not fearful at all.

The vet said that they usually have to anesthetize a dog before they can diagnose a ruptured ligament, but she just laid there and held still, the little tip of her tail still going a million miles an hour.

Now I have to come up with an idea about the fundraising...any suggestions welcome!