Jan 31, 2008

Olivia, Day 9

Olivia gained 20 lbs in her first week here. Now it is time to start working on those muscles:

Jan 30, 2008

Olivia, day 8, gained 20 lbs

Today I took Olivia to the vet to get her weighed. She gained 20 lbs!!!!!!!!!!

And he looks goood! I'm a bit concerned that the weight gain is too fast, but she is just blossoming!

See for yourself:

Her bed

Say what?

At the treadmill

Jan 29, 2008

Olivia, day 7

As promised, the first movie where Olivia starts playing and jumping around with her friends :))))))))))):

Jan 28, 2008

Olivia, day 6

Olivia has gotten some shine to her fur now! I'm cooking rice for her with some chicken and put a couple of raw eggs in there, and I mix that with the dry food. She gets a bowl of that mix 5 times a day and she eats it all.

This morning she greeted me by trying to jump on me, but I did not allow that. She's too big for that and could do some serious damage to a person that way.

I took her on a walk to the shelter along with Honey...both are a DREAM to walk! I thought my own dogs were good, but nooo, these 2 ladies are just something else .

Then we got the Labrador Couch, rofl..those 2 made friends too:

And of course Josie is right in the middle again...we have 3 pups nursing and 3 pups drinking water:

Jan 27, 2008

Olivia, day 5

Olivia made a friend . She's slowly coming out of her shell. The door to the pen is always open, and she considers the pen her 'safe place', where she goes into as soon as she gets scared or wants her quiet.

Today is the first time she left the pen to lay down and get comfy at a different spot.

She also alerts when somebody walks by..what a bark she has!

Josie, our other fostercare puppy (she was hit by a car and had a ruptured CCL. She's recovering nicely without surgery.) is making friends with Olivia.

and so did Honey. She's taking a break from the puppies and our cat Gremlin is keeping her company:

Puppy Cam Time Lapse, 8 hours of puppy time packed into 4 minutes!!

Jan 26, 2008

Olivia, day 4, and the rest of the Gang

Day 4: Olivia is doing great. She is showing interest in the other dogs, runs around a bit, sleeps much less and is more active..and she discovered the couch!

Here's she takes a walk with Olliver:

And while I'm at it, Honey adopted Josie (she even nurses her!!!) and Josie does a good job babysitting the puppies! Happy family here lol.

Olivia, first Movie

Jan 24, 2008

Ollivia, day 2

Day 2:

Took her on a walk to the shelter, along with Olliver. She received some medicine for her behind, since it is sore due to the bones sticking out, and when she tries to sit, she sits on bone practically, so the hair and skin below is almost gone.

She walked great on the leash though!

I also learned today that she is 6 years old and heartworm positive. We will be starting a fundraiser soon in order to cover her treatment. More tomorrow!

Thanks Animal Health and Medical Clinic in Stephenville, Texas!!!

Jan 23, 2008

(O)livia, Great Dane

The dog was seized by Animal Control and temporarily held at a vet clinic. Today the humane society got custody of a dog and a seizure warrant was granted. When I heard that it was a great dane, I immediately offered to foster her.

She is not fixed, but as soon as she has some strength back, this is what's going to happen, one way or another. She doesn't seem to be the youngest either. I named her (O)livia for now. She and Olliver have the exact same muzzle markings, to the T...they might be coming from the same place, even litter, who knows. His sister did look just like (O)livia when I saw her back when I picked out Olliver:


Jan 22, 2008


Here's Honey after some good nutrition and TLC:

And all my 3 Blondies here lol:


Jan 19, 2008

Puppies are growing!

Those pups are starting to be interested in solid food already!!

Jan 11, 2008

Josie and Butters

Josie is THE sweetheart! The bigger dogs are picking on her a bit, but it's not too bad. Her leg could heal better and faster if it was for me, but we have to let nature run it's course, I guess.

Here she is with Butters:


Jan 10, 2008

Teaching Great Dane to jump through a Hoop

Honey and Puppies

The pups are starting to open their eyes now. It looks like Honey and 2 pups have found a home already, not the same tho!

Jan 7, 2008

Kicker was adopted!!!

Well, this morning I finally got over myself and took Kicker to the shelter. He made it as hard as he could make it, fussing, crying, throwing a fit, fighting with the other dogs...phew. But I stayed tough!!!

3 hours later the shelter called, he was adopted!!!!! Very good home with horses and trailrides and whatnot, THANK YOU!

Jan 2, 2008

Jan 1, 2008

Yellow Lab with litter of 6

Honey plus 6

Honey with her six puppies. She had 11, but she is such bad shape, she would not have been able to handle it. Totally over-bred in a puppy mill, she is not in the best of shape, but a sweet momma and very friendly dog.

Look at her claws:

Anyways, I made a lil movie with her..during the day she's in the enclosure with the lil front run where she has sunshine and enough room to run a bit. I take her out on a leash every 2 hours around the block, she loves it.

During the night she is inside with the pups, it still freezes. For once I don't have to feed the puppies and have a momma dog who is going to teach me a LOOOOOT .

She does look thin and has bald patches on her back and tail. I will give her a bath later and see if those are scars or whatever else: