May 27, 2005

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in Stephenville, Texas, specializing in birds and small urban wildlife

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in Stephenville, Texas, specializing in birds and small urban wildlife:

Urgently needed:

electric heating pads


material for building flight cages and enclosures, such as boards, plywood, mesh, screens.


Garden Hoses
Flea & Tick Treatments
Rabbit Hutches
Parrot Food
Rubbing Alcohol
Storage Sheds
Wild Rice
Fence Panels
Frozen Beef, Chicken/Turkey, uncooked, unspiced
Baby Scale
Frozen Venison
Full Spectrum UV Lights
Dry Cat and Dog Food
Mulch, Woodchips, Woodshavings, Bedding
Canned Cat and Dog Food
Scoopable Cat litter
Rabbit Pellets
Rolls of mesh and chicken wire
Towles, Blankets, Rags
Tents at least 7 feet tall (broken ok)
Rugs and Carpet
Tarps and Netting and Screens
Building Material
Artificial green Turf
Artificial Plants/leaves/flowers, trees
Printing Paper
Kennels and Pens (indoors and outdoors)
Ink Jet Paper, glossy
Heating Pads
Large Paper Clips
Heating Lamps
Black (HP 56) and Color Print (HP 57) Cartridges
Laundry Detergent
Cages, Tanks, Live-Traps
Dishwashing Liquid
Heavy Bowls
Bottle Brushes
Window Cleaner
Animal Vitamins
Paper Towels
Tissue Paper
Gerber Mixed Baby Cereal
Rubber Gloves (small)
Electrolyte Drinks (no flavor)
Brooms and Dustpans
Bird Treats
Large Plastic Storage Containers (With lids)

May 25, 2005

You are a wildlife rehabber if...

- You have a bumper sticker on your truck that says "I Brake for Road Kills".
- You stop every 15 minutes while grocery shopping to feed the nestlings temporarily residing in your purse.
- You stop traffic on a 4-lane highway to retrieve an animal while your spouse pretends they don't know you.
- There is more frozen animal food in your freezer than human food.
- You "react" every time you see a cardboard box.
- You assume every phone call you receive (at work OR at home) is about a injured/orphaned animal and respond accordingly.

- You don't think it's strange at all to have dead animals in your freezer at home.
- Your family picture includes one or more wild animals in it.
- You are known as the local "vet" for everything that was once known as "almost roadkill".
- More than 5 species of animals eat out of the same bowl.
- Your neighbor calls and they want you to come and get your raccoon out of their tree.
- You plan your vacation around the "birthing" season.
- Your email letter is misspelled because an animal fell on your keyboard, and you apologize for it.

- You have to explain to the long distance operator that the number dialed was accidentely dialed by your raccoon and you don't wish to be charged for it.
- You can't understand why your friend screamed when she found a few mealworms in your hairbrush.
- You say, "Yes, they poop on me"... before anyone asks.
- You're in the mall, and all you catch are the words "The Bird Lady".
- You're happy when you get a gift certificate for earthworms.
- You've washed a few smelt accidently in your Maytag.
- You have a different mental picture than everyone else when you hear the words "Some loon is in my parking space!"

- Feathers in your hair are not a fashion statement.
- You buy more babyfood than anyone else in town, and you don't have any children.
- Your linen closet contains more than five heating pads.
- Friends arrive for dinner and bring roadkills that they picked up on the way over.
- Overnight guests cannot stay in the guestrooms because there are ducklings in the tubs and incubators in the rooms.

May 24, 2005

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, Erath County, Texas

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in Stephenville, Texas, specializing in birds and small urban wildlife:

Spring 2005 is in Texas!

Here are some photos of critters that have come through here this year, some are still here of course! Please click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of the photo or view my special OPOSSUM INFORMATION PAGE!

3-legged female Opossum, 5 months old5 Opossum babies, 6 weeks

Important Note: Most opossum babies end up orphaned, because their mother was hit by a car (their only real defense is to play dead...) or killed by dogs.

So PLEASE, if you care and you happen to hit an opossum with your car - accidents happen - take a minute and make sure that there are no babies on the animal, because they usually survive a lot within momma's pouch. After all, they are America's only Marsupials.

If there are babies crawling around, collect them carefully, keep them warm. Do NOT attempt to feed them anything.

For more info please go to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue Website!