Oct 22, 2007

Cat and Dog

Cat and Dog

Neighbor's Dogs

I finally took my neighbor's dogs and brought over to my place. He doesn't live there anymore, asked me to feed his dogs while he's looking for a new place.

It's the old man that can't go back into the house anymore since that lady died there few weeks ago. He grew up in that house, he said, and he saw his share of people die there..he can't take it anymore. And as run down as the place is, roach heaven for sure, I don't blame him.

These 2 dogs never saw the outside of this tiny front yard or the inside of a house. Everybody else in this street was complaining about them barking all the time (one is a terrier, what do ya expect?? lol), but I can see how that would go on somebody's nerves.

Today it's bitter cold here and the terrier, pretty old dog, over 10 years at least, was just shivering up a storm..so I made them a nice area in my yard where the wind doesn't blow, put a crate, blankets, and food and water out there.

I don't want to let them roam with my dogs, at least not yet, because both are female and none of them is spayed and that can trigger a lot of crap in my males (even though they are neutered) that I do not want to risk.

Here they are..Shilo is the terrier and Cinnamon is the chow mix (her father was pure chow, I knew him):

Still cold

Eye Infection

I often encounter eye infections in kittens when they just come in, but today I got the worst case ever! The eyes were crusted over and after I finally soaked it enough to open them a bit, a load of pus and gunk came shooting out of there..that must have hurt!

I cleaned it all out and put some topical penicillin in the eyes, but I don't know if that kitten can see at all. Here's a picture, AFTER half an hour of cleaning!

You see the black stuff on top of the eyes? That's how the the entire face was, except the nose!!!!