Jun 3, 2008

3 orphaned Squirrels at the Squirrel-rescue.com

I have 3 squirrels at the moment. One is Jesse, came in last night, did a dive from the nest, but seems to be alright. Has a bald spot on his paw and could be fatter, is not dehydrated...but was getting there. He's about 6 weeks old and has a good appetite:

Sissy is the biggest squirrel I have ever seen! She will not stop fussing until she has eaten 30 ml of formula per feeding!

She's already 3 months old but doesn't seem to be too interested in cracking nuts. I wanted to release her this Saturday with the girl scouts as we did last week with another squirrel. I had taken Sissy along, because she WAS cracking nuts and being all ready, but when I put her on the tree, she came back, jumped all over the girls (to their delight) and was nibbling on their fingers.

I let them play with her for a couple of minutes as long as Sissy didn't appear to be in distress. I figured hands-on experience can't hurt the girls..and look at their faces: http://www.squirrel-rescue.com/girlscouts/

Now Sissy re-gressed and is being all baby again, maybe because the squirrel we released was a bit older and the one she's with now is a bit younger. Easily influenced? lol

Maybe I misjudged her age too because she's so big. We'll see when she's ready.

Here's Shalu (that's Indian for 'beloved one" I was told):

And here's Sissy..she doesn't look that big in the picture, but she weighs twice as much as Shalu, at least, haven't weighed her in a while, she won't sit still anymore lol: