Jan 4, 2010

Reina has been adopted plus 4 Golden Dog Rules

Beautiful Reina has been adopted by a nice family in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

I am missing her already and my other dogs had a whining fit last night too...she sure made an impression on us all in that just one week we had the pleasure of living with her.

Let me take the opportunity to share the 4 golden rules I live by in order to keep my dogs under control and balanced. Of course everything is based on the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan's teachings:

  1. Avoid getting the dog excited (no high pitched human baby voices or giving rewards while excited)
  2. Stay calm and assertive (never yell or scream or get frustrated at a dog, it's simply not necessary)
  3. Nothing is free (dog has to sit for affection, follow me on a walk in order to get food, do tricks for a treat etc)
  4. Rules, boundaries and limitations before food and affection. Always.