Aug 29, 2007

Kicker found a Home

Yesterday a nice couple called and wanted to look at Kicker. They asked all the right questions and said all the right things. They took him home to introduce to their other dog, to see if they got along.

I offered to babysit both, Kicker and their other dog Kena, a pitbull girl, today and do some training with them, and that's what I am still doing. Kicker loves Kena, they both get along great. Kena is one year old and they are the same size right now. She is a very sweet and social dog, and I don't see any problems arising at all!

Here's Olliver after they wore each other out playing lol.

And below is Butters having a serious crush on Kena, as it looks like hehe:

This coming Tuesday we all plan to go to dog training class together at the park, see how that goes . Nice to stay in touch for a while after an adoption and even have a bit of a say in it...I love it!

Here's a movie of Olliver playing with Kena:


Aug 22, 2007

Kicker's first trip to the Lake

3 months old and 40 lbs!!! I let the pictures speak for themselves lol:


Aug 17, 2007

Kicker is 3 months old!

Kicker walks great on the leash now and goes with us and the pack to the park every morning. He learned to ignore the barking dogs behind fences, even the loose ones that come running up, he learned how not to get scared of the huge semi trucks and noisy children, even stopped being scared of his own shadow! ;-)

He simply sticks to my leg now or watches what the other dogs do and then does it too. I'm so proud of him!

Aug 5, 2007

Pumkin is ready for adoption

So here we are..Pumpkin has all her shots, heartworm and flea prevention and will go the shelter tomorrow for adoption. I can't keep her here, the big dogs just keep running her over. I'm gonna miss her, she's such a cutie with her blue eyes.

Kicker will stay here for as long as I can handle it, hopefully get him fixed too: