Jan 28, 2008

Olivia, day 6

Olivia has gotten some shine to her fur now! I'm cooking rice for her with some chicken and put a couple of raw eggs in there, and I mix that with the dry food. She gets a bowl of that mix 5 times a day and she eats it all.

This morning she greeted me by trying to jump on me, but I did not allow that. She's too big for that and could do some serious damage to a person that way.

I took her on a walk to the shelter along with Honey...both are a DREAM to walk! I thought my own dogs were good, but nooo, these 2 ladies are just something else .

Then we got the Labrador Couch, rofl..those 2 made friends too:

And of course Josie is right in the middle again...we have 3 pups nursing and 3 pups drinking water: