Nov 24, 2009

Laila LocatZ the Hypno-Kitteh vs Great Dane

Laila, a long-haired Calico kitten, was in horrible condition when Animal Control brought her and her sister, Star, to me here at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue.

Both kittens had tried to nurse from a dead decaying mother and smelled accordingly. Star didn't survive the ordeal, but Laila is thriving!

She's such a cutie and reminded me of the LOLcatZ postcards I offer on my website, where I also share everything I have learned while fostering literally over a thousand kittens for the Humane Society.

In this movie, Laila is meeting Olliver, the Great Dane, another rescue dog who found a forever home with us, for the first time. Olliver loves kitties! And kittehs love Cheezeburgz!