Dec 14, 2008

Kittens and Puppies

I have been lazy in updating the blog, I admit it! But now I will do some catching up.

2 puppies, 2 firekittens and 4 newborn kittens are the current residents of the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue. All 7 puppies are doing fine as of this writing. 5 are being raised at another foster home along with 2 of the fire kittens.

Here is an update on the fire kittens that had been nearly burned in a grass fire that consumed a barn. The other 2 siblings have recovered too:

Here are 2 cute movies of Doogle, who is slowly coming out of his shell:

He isn't too sure about this jingle bells dog, but I have to start exposing him to non-threatening objects so he can gain some confidence. He got lots of treats and associates the singing dog with liverwurst by now.