Apr 11, 2008

Rabies positive

The results cam in today: positive for rabies .

I was told to rush my dogs to the vet and get them booster shots right away and keep them quarantined for 45 days, meaning no contact with anything living by myself and watching for any change in behavior.

So, Olivia and Sandy, the old ladies, were not exposed and can stay with me inside, but Butters, Honey, and Olliver have to stay outside for now because they not only stink, but they go nuts caged up in their round pens. This is not going to be fun...not at all.

Having said that, I AM glad that the skunk walked in on my dogs instead of 10 feet further into a yard where toddlers play. If one of those kids was outside and seen the skunk and approached it..can you imagine???

Then rather walk into the yard with the best protected dogs in the neighborhood!