Jan 11, 2010

Items needed for Education and Schools

I am working with a school teacher on developing a program covering our urban neighborhood wildlife for teachers as well as for students of all ages.

One of the highlights in this program will be outdoor cams transmitting pictures of the animals in our care live into the classrooms.

But for that we need the cams and a laptop computer.

Here is a list of top priority items we need:

  • A laptop or netbook computer for educational, administrative and presentation purposes.
  • 4 wireless battery-powered outdoor webcams for the enclosures to be transmitted straight into classrooms.
  • Fencing Material (lattice, privacy panels, chain link, fence posts and poles, concrete)
  • Green House Frame for a flight cage for songbirds (minimum size 6' width, 8' length, 8' height)
  • Pick-up Truck or Van for Animal Transport and Rescue Missions
If you are interested in donating any of these items or help us raise the funds to purchase them, please go to the following page for more information and shipping address: http://rainbowwildlife.com/donations.html .

All our sponsors will be featured on our Sponsor page!

Further we have planned to pick up some of the over 26000 animals that have been seized in Arlington, TX from US Globals Exotics. While it is not determined what kind of animals we'll be bringing home or even when exactly, the purpose of them will be educational as described above.

That also means we have to build more habitats and fences to keep these animals secure. Any help with items, funds or if you are handy, your time helping us build it all, will be much appreciated!