Feb 27, 2008

Puppy Babyshower Gift Donation

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Advantix Blue
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Valuheart or Heartgard
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3 large Igloo Doghouses
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5 lbs Esbilac Milkreplacer
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Rawhides, Dog Toys, Treats

Puppy and Dog Updates

  • Josie: adopted out 2 days ago
  • Honey's Pups: 1 female left
  • Olivia: Is in heat, but will start heartworm treatment this coming Monday
  • Border Collie Pups: There are 4 left. One suffocated when Honey accidentally sat on him while nursing .

Today a reporter from the local newspaper was here and this Sunday we'll be all in the paper!!! I'll send ya a link or a photo of it!! I'm so excited!!

OK, now some pictures:

Olivia, probably close to a 120 lbs by now.

Butters babysitting for a change, heheehe.

Feb 24, 2008

Olivia, Honey, Josie, Oliver, Butters, Sandy and 7 puppies

5 newborn Border Collies thrown out of a car in a walmart plastic bag.

Honey taking care of them. She does not have enough milk anymore, so
I usually feed them and she does the rest.. cleans them and lets them suckle.

Honey and one of her own daughters (I have 2 females left from her litter
and they will go to the shelter tomorrow for adoption. I need room!)

Honey's other daughter

Olliver and Olivia (front)
Olivia is in heat now ( MESSY!!! ), so we had to put the heartworm
treatment off for a week.

The danes playing :)

Josie, the chocolate lab mix..she goes back to the shelter tomorrow for
adoption. If she is not being adopted right away, I will have her spayed
this week. My vet said I can work that off.

Here is the rest of the gang..Olivia to the right, Sandy (16 years old) behind
her, Butters the lab to the left and behind him, Gremlin, our tomcat who is
obsessed with dogs!

Feb 21, 2008

Honey adopts the Border Collies

I guess we are going to put the spaying off for a month or so....what an angel she turned out to be. I'm so touched, I cried :).

Ladies Lounge ( the pen is open at all times)

5 Border Collie Puppies

The shelter called earlier..a lady had brought in a plastic bag she had found on the road. She picked up the bag because noticed it was moving.

Inside: 5 newborn Border Collie Pups.

Took Honey to the vet today. She's heartworm negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so worried that she'd be positive too!

She got her rabies shot, got checked out, but besides an ear infection she's alright! Ready to get spayed soon!

Now that I have the 5 border collies, I don't think I can get Josie fixed nor will I be able to keep her any longer. I have to let at least one of the dogs go, and Josie is up next.

She has all her shots and preventions, is de-wormed, all that's missing is getting her spayed. She has such a sweet personality, I will put her into the shelter during the day at least, starting next week. Hopefully somebody falls in love with her and adopts her and gets her fixed!

Olivia is starting her heartworm treatment this Monday.

Lotsa dog business lately huh?? I love it!

Not the circumstances on how the dogs got here, but the fact that I can actually make a difference

Olivia, day 28

Olivia was weighed today at the Animal Health and Medical Clinic, and is up to 107 lbs now, meaning that's enough weight to start her heartworm treatment this coming monday.

Feb 17, 2008

Josie and Puppies

Here is an update on Josie:

her leg appears to be totally healed..she runs with the biggens full power, gets run over, rolls in the dirt, gets stepped on, plays totally rough and she has not been lame in a full month.

She has her rabies shot, all puppy shots, is de-wormed, and will be spayed in 2 weeks. Then she's ready for a new home . I don't think I even have to mention the injury, because that might lower her chances of being adopted at all. We'll see.

Feb 10, 2008

Olivia, day 18, a Sunday at the Park

We spent the afternoon at the park today. Here are some pictures:

This one is screaming for LOL Dogz Cardz, hehhehhehe!! She looks like Marmaduke, doesn't she? Totally cartoon worthy!

And last but not least:

Feb 9, 2008

Honey, Butters, Olivia, Josie, and the rest of the pack

2 more puppies were adopted out yesterday, instead of Honey plus 1, so Honey will stay with us. Look at Butters' celebration!! We are all very happy. The other good news is that the adoptive parents of the 2 puppies offered to have Honey spayed as soon as she is ready for that, so this will be a HUUUUGE help!

The remaining 3 pups and Honey got their 8 in 1 vaccination today and I will take Honey in for her rabies shot next week and have her heartworm tested. I hope she turns up negative. One heartworm treatment (for Olivia) is more than enough!

Feb 8, 2008

Olivia, day 17

Took Olivia to the vet today to see if she is ready to start the heartworm treatment.

She weighs 100 lbs even (that's a weight gain of 30 lbs within 17 days!), but her liver isn't doing good enough just yet to start the treatment, so we are going to wait another 2 weeks with that.

She did get all her vaccinations, including rabies, today.

Honey plus 1 was supposed to be adopted out today, however, change of plans: 2 pups were adopted out and these very nice and kind people offered to have Honey spayed as soon as she is ready!

So, all I have left here is Olivia to get spayed once her heart worm treatment is finished; lil Josie needs to be spayed in 2 weeks; then it's Honey's turn in about a month.

Tomorrow the remaining 3 puppies will get their first puppy shot; Josie will get her 3rd and last 8 in 1 shot, and Honey will get her first as well. She is the only one left that needs a rabies vaccination, so I will set that up for next week as well.

Looks like we are all set! Now it's up to me to do some serious obedience training with them! Honey is such a natural and Olivia is getting there too, but lil Josie is a pain! She is turning juvenile now, testing the limits!

Feb 6, 2008

Olivia, day 16

Olivia, day 16. Day after tomorrow we have an appointment with the vet to see if Olivia is ready for her heartworm treatment next week! WHOOHOO!

Here she has some rice on her nose which I mix in her food, hehehe:

Feb 1, 2008

Olivia, day 11 and her Friends

Lab Puppies, 4 weeks old

Pups are still here. Over 4 weeks old now, nearly weaned, they are ready to go! People come and look at them, and 2 are already spoken for and Honey is getting a chance too along with one pup next week. I'll keep the rest of them here for adoption:

This is the entire setup for now. I wrapped the crate in some tarp and plastic, because it is so windy and got a bit cold: