Dec 28, 2007

4 Boxer Mix Puppies

Here we go again. I was asked to hold them for 3 days, then they will be put down. NOT! Whatever I accept in here, is going to survive, unless the physical condition doesn't cooperate.


Dec 27, 2007

Josie and Samson

Here are a few pictures of Josie and Samson (formerly known as Julius). Samson's new owners chose his current name, they called today. I suppose he'll be ready in 2 weeks.

Josie looks like she's not growing much, she's going to stay small..a mini chocolate lab . Her leg is doing good one day, then not so good the next day. I keep her off her legs as much as possible, but in order for her muscles to develop normally, there is a minimum requirement of walking she has to do. She's so good with everything and she even smiles! I have to see if I can take a picture of's hillarious!

But here are the cuties for now:


Dec 24, 2007

RIP lil Jane

Jane just passed away. She was 3 weeks old. She had breathing problems and I was just about to take her in to the vet's..was waiting for the office to open, but half an hour before that, she took her last breath. RIP lil girl.

Now I just hope that the people how were going to adopt here, will settle with her brother, who seems to have gotten everything that's strong and healthy from the entire the lone survivor.

Josie's leg

Josie's leg has not improved, but I did not expect that yet.


Dec 18, 2007

Ruptured ligament

I took Josie to the vet today and the diagnosis wasn't too good. She has a ruptured ligament in her left hind knee and the surgery is in the $800 range...

She can live with it, but it will not be pain free, her leg will be stiff, she will always limp and probably develop arthritis early in that leg.

I'm hoping to either find somebody to adopt her that can afford such surgery, or I have to do a fund raiser.

Josie's personality is absolutely amazing. She is the calmest dog I have ever encountered, yet not fearful at all.

The vet said that they usually have to anesthetize a dog before they can diagnose a ruptured ligament, but she just laid there and held still, the little tip of her tail still going a million miles an hour.

Now I have to come up with an idea about the fundraising...any suggestions welcome!

Dec 17, 2007


Josie, chocolate lab, hit by car, possible hip injury. I saw her at the shelter and figured she's better off here. I will attempt to raise some funds for her to take her to the vet, IF it is not getting better the next 24 hours.

She can walk, but limps, she is clearly in pain, so I gave her meds for that:

Dec 16, 2007

Dec 15, 2007

Jane and Julius, 13 days old

13 days old, eyes opened today, teeth are coming in too:

Dec 14, 2007

Christmas Lolcatz

1 - 10 10 - 20 20 - 30 Christmaz Kittehz

Peas on Erth
We ated Santaz cookeez!
Christmaz Kitty iz in ur sweater, stealin ur holy nitez.
U sure dis iz a da Christmaz Tree?
Eggnog Kitteh canz handle anotha 1!
Dinglz bellz, dinglz bells, dinglz oll tha waaaaaaayz.
We drinked Santaz milk, sowwy.
We're in ur Presentz, stealin ur Christmaz
Christmas Kitteh bettah getz sum Cheezburgz or else!
Happy Cheese-X
We putz the White back into Christmaz
Christmaz Kitteh is dreamon of a Whitez Christmaz
1 - 10 10 - 20 20 - 30 Christmaz Kittehz

Dec 13, 2007

Julius and Jane, 11 days old

11 days old today, eyes still closed, feeding every 5 hours:


Dec 10, 2007

Helpful Dog and Puppy Links

Useful Puppy Links

Online Lost and Found Services for Pets
Cute Puppy

Texas Shelter & Rescue Groups

All Breeds:

Abilene Kennel Club
Austin Kennel Club
Baytown Kennel Club
Bexar County Kennel Club
Brazoria Kennel Club
Brazos Valley Kennel Club
Comal County Kennel Club
Corpus Christi Kennel Club
Faith City Kennel Club
Fun-Tier Kennel Club of Greater Killeen
Galveston County Kennel Club
Greater Humble Area Kennel Club
Longview Kennel Club
Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows
River City Cluster of Dog Shows
San Jacinto Kennel Club
Texas Kennel Club
Travis County Kennel Club
United K-9 Club of Waco

Multi Breed:

Houston Area Hound Association

Alamo Retriever Club
Austin Hunting Retriever Club
Brazosport Retriever Club
Coastal Bend Retriever Club of Texas
Dallas Ft Worth Hunting Retriever Association
Heart of Texas Retriever Club
Lonesome Dove Hunting Retriever Club
Port Authur Retriever Club
Rose Country Retriever Club of East Texas
Tejas Hunting Retriever Club
Texas Retrievers
Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

Airedale Terrier
Lone Star Airedale Terrier Club
Southwest Airedales

Heart of Texas Akita Club/Dallas
Lone Star Akita Club of Houston
Centex Akita/German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamute Club of Greater Houston
New World Sled Dog Rescue & Adoption - San Antonio, TX
Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Dallas
Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue

American Pit Bull Terrier
Lone Star State Pit Bull Club

Australian Cattle Dog
Texas Australian Cattle Dog Club

Australian Shepherd
Eastex Australian Shepherd Club
South Texas Aussie Rescue
Texas Aussie Rescue Association

Basenji Club of Greater Houston
Dallas Fort Worth Basenji Club
Basenji Rescue and Transport

Basset Hound
Basset Hound Club of Greater Houston
Highland Lakes Basset Hound Association
Lone Star Basset Hound Rescue
North Texas Basset Hound Rescue

San Jacinto Beagle Club
Beagle Hound Rescue Houston
Bluebonnet Beagle Rescue of Texas

Lone Star Borzoi Club

Border Collie
3B Rescue
Border Collie Rescue Texas

Boston Terrier
North Texas Boston Terrier Rescue

3B Rescue
Legacy Boxer Rescue - Dallas/Ft Worth Area, Austin
Lone Star Boxer Rescue - Houston, Texas
Texas Boxer Rescue

Texas Coastal Brittany Club
3B Rescue

Fort Worth Bulldog Club
Lone Star Bulldog Club

Bull Terrier
Bull Terrier Club of Dallas

Cairn Terrier
Trinity Valley Cairn Terrier Club

Lone Star Catahoula Rescue

Chinese Shar-Pei
Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Greater Houston
Shar-Pei Rescue League of Texas

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Houston

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Alamo Area Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club

Texas Chihuahua Club

Chinese Shar-Pei
Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Greater Houston

Chow Chow
North Texas Chow Chow Club

Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin

Houston Collie Rescue

Central Texas Dachshund Rescue
Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation
Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas

Dalmatian Rescue of Houston
Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas

Doberman Pinscher
Brazos Valley Doberman Rescue
Doberman Rescue of North Texas
Doberman Rescue of San Antonio
Houston Area Doberman Rescue
Doberman Pinscher Club of Houston
Greater Austin Doberman Pinscher Club
Total Doberman Association

English Setter
Lone Star English Setter Club

English Springer Spaniel
Dallas-Fort Worth English Springer Spaniel Association

German Shepherd
German Shepherd Dog Club of Austin
German Shepherd Club of Dallas
German Shepherd Dog Club of HoustonCentex Akita/German Shepherd Dog Rescue
German Shepherd Rescue Central Texas
German Shepherd Rescue Houston
North Texas German Shepherd Rescue

German Shorthaired Pointer
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of San Antonio
Gulf Coast German Shorthaired Pointer Club
Lone Star German Shorthaired Pointer Club
German Shorthair Pointer Rescue of North Texas

Golden Retriever
Austin Golden Retriever Club
Dallas - Ft. Worth Metro Golden Retriever Club
Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club
Central Texas Golden Retriever Rescue
DFW Metro Golden Retriever Rescue
Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue
Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas
Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club Rescue
Hearts Of Gold Rescue

Gordon Setter
Sunbelt Gordon Setter Club

Great Dane
Great Dane Club of El Paso
Great Dane Club Of Greater Houston
Animals 1st
D.A.N.E. (Dane Angel Network Enterprises)
Great Dane Club Of Greater Houston
Great Dane Rescue of North Texas
HART's Great Dane Rescue
Texas Area Great Dane Social Club

Adopt-a-Greyhound Program - Corpus Christi
Greyhound Pets of America Central Texas Chapter
Greyhound Rescue Austin
The Greyhound Rescue Society of Texas
Hill Country Greyhound Adoption

Irish Setter
Irish Setter Club of Houston

Lone Star Havanese Club

Irish Setter
Irish Setter Club of Houston

Greater Houston Keeshond Club

Labrador Retriever
Dallas Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Club
Heart of Texas Labrador Retriever Club
Dallas / Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue
Heart of Texas Lab Rescue
Labrador Retriever Rescue of North Texas
Southeast Texas Labrador Retriever Rescue
Texas Region Labrador Retriever Rescue

Lhasa Apso
Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue

South Texas Maltese and Rescue - Corpus Christi

MCOA Midwest South

Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston
Lone Star Miniature Schnauzer Club of Dallas

Rescue (alphabetical):

A Different Breed - Dallas, TX
Animal Rescue Klub - Carrollton, TX
Angels Haven Animal Rescue - Edinburg, TX
Animal Angels - Jacksboro, Texas
Animal Rescue Foundation - Sherman, TX
Animal Rescue League, North Texas
Animal Trustees of Austin
Austin Hound Rescue
Austin Humane Society and SPCA
Austin Pets Alive!

Bay Area S.P.C.A - Greater Southeast Houston Area
Bell County SPCA -Temple
Blue Dog Rescue - Austin

Canyon Lake animal Shleter Society - Canyon Lake, TX
Central Texas SPCA
Citizens for Animal Protection - Houston
Coastal Bend Small Breed Rescue - Corpus Christi
Coppell Humane Society
Country Paws Rescue & Adoption Shelter - Hempstead TX

Dog & Kitty City - Dallas County

E - Houston
East Lake Pet Orphanage - Dallas

Fuzzy Wuzzy Orphanage Animal Rescue - Grand Prairie, TX

Genesis 1:26 Dog & Cat Rescue - Garland
Greater Houston Area Rescue Groups
Gulf Coast Humane Society - Corpus Christi

Hill Country Humane Society SPCA
Houston Humane Society
The Humane Society of Southeast Texas
Humane Society of Vernon
Huts For Mutts - Hamilton, Texas

K-9 Rescue And Referral, Mesquite Texas

Las Lomas K9 Rescue & Adoption Foundation - San Antonio
Lubbock Animal Services/Ark

Metroport Humane Society

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary - Houston

Operation Kindness - Carrollton, TX

PALS: Pets and Animals Life Shelter - Corpus Christi, TX
Pals For Pooches - Humble, TX
Pic-A-Pal - Dallas, TX
Pick of the Litter - Longview, TX

Rescue The Animals: Friends Of The Abilene Animal Shelter
Rowlett Animal Adoption - Rowlett, TX

San Patricio County Humane Society - Ingleside
Schertz Humane Society - Schertz, TX
Six Flags Humane Society - Victoria, TX
South Texas Animal Adoption Resource
Southern Animal Rescue Association (SARA) - Seguin, TX
SPCA of Texas
Special Pals - Houston

Taylor-Jones Humane Society - Abilene, TX
Twyla's Friends - Kingwood, TX

Underdog Rescue - Austin, TX
Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch

Volunteers for Animal Protection - Kingwood

Waco Humane Societye

Alamo Papillon Society

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Greater Houston Pembroke Welsh Corgi FanciersGreater Houston Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers

Pharaoh Hound
Pharaoh Hound Appreciation Society of Texas

Dallas/Fort Worth Pomeranian Club
Ponderosa Pomeranian Rescue

Bluebonnet Poodle Club
Lone Star Poodle Club

Bluebonnet Pug Dog Club
DFW Pug Rescue Club
Pug Rescue of Southeast Texas

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Houston Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
Rhodesian Ridgeback Enthusiasts of Dallas
Trinity Valley Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Texas

DFW Rottweiler Club
Houston Area Rottweiler Fanciers
Lone Star Rottweiler Club
Rotts Across Texas
Southern States Rottweiler Rescue

Saint Bernard
North Texas Saint Bernard Club

North Texas Samoyed Fanciers
Samoyed Club of Austin
North Texas Samoyed Rescue

Lone Star Schipperke Club

Shetland Sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdog Club of Austin

Scottish Terrier
Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc. - Dallas ~ Ft. Worth ~ Houston ~ Austin ~ San Antonio

Shetland Sheepdog
Sheltie Haven

Shih Tzu
Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue

Siberian Husky
Arlington/Fort Worth Siberian Husky Rescue
Husky Haven of Houston - Siberian Husky Rescue
New World Sled Dog Rescue & Adoption - San Antonio, TX
Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Dallas
Siberian Husky Rescue of Dallas
Siberian Husky Rescue of North Texas

Weimaraner Rescue of North Texas

Welsch Corgi
Austin Area Welsh Corgi Rescue

Lone Star Weimaraner Club
Trinity Valley Weimaraner Club

West Highland White Terrier
Trinity Valley West Highland White Terrier ClubScottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc. - Dallas ~ Ft. Worth ~ Houston ~ Austin ~ San Antonio

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier Club of Greater Houston

Activity: Agility, Field, Flyball & Obedience, Schutzhund, Misc, etc:
Agility Unleashed - Corpus Christi
Amarillo Obedience Training Club
austin airdogz
Austin Flyball Association
Austin K-9 Xpress Agility Training Club
Brazos Valley Working Dog Club
Canine Companions for Independence - Heart of Texas Chapter
Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin
Caring Critters - Animal Assisted Therapy Organization
Dallas Agility Working Group
Dallas Dog and Disc Club
Dallas Obedience Training Club
Dog Training Club Of Dallas County
Dogz Rule!
East Texas Working Dog Association
Gazehounds in Texas
Golden Triangle Dog Obedience Group
Greater Bexar Search and Rescue Team
Greater Houston Search Dogs
Happy Tails 4-H Dog Club
High Impact Flyball Club - Dallas, Texas
Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club
Houston Clickers
Houston Flyball Association
Houston Obedience Training Dog Club
Knight Flyer Agility
K-9 Search and Rescue of Texas
Lone Star Search and Rescue Dog Association
NAVHDA - Lone Star Chapter
North Texas Sharpshooters Flyball Club
North Texas K9 Sports Club
Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls
Oil Patch Agility Club
Panhandle Search and Rescue
Permian Basin Obedience Training Club
Rio Grande Obedience Dog Club
Ruff 'N Ready Agility Club - Houston, TX
San Antonio Dog Training Club
Seagoville Working Dog Club
South Plains Obedience Training Club of Lubbock (SPOTC)
Texas Law Enforcement Canine Association
Texas Sheep Dog Association
Texas Tri-City Obedience Club
Travis Agility Group - Austin, TX
Tyler Obedience Training Club
Victoria Dog Obedience Club
Waco Agility Group
Whippet Appreciation Society of Texas

General Information Sites

Acme Pet
The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan
Paw Prints
The Dachshund Zone
Digital Dog
Robin's Doberman Page
Working Dogs Cyberzine
Dog Terms Glossary
Dog FAQS by Archive Names - Universiteit Utrecht
Show Dogs West (Dog show information for the West Coast)
Westie World Great Westie Resources!
The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Of The United States
Home Grown Ridgebacks The Field Trial Site! Great Resources!

New Pets

You and Your New Pet
Dog-Play, Having Fun With Your Dog
National Capital Air Canines

Breed Databases

Dog Breeders Online Directory
Dogs in Canada
Pro Dog Network

Puppy Mills

Prisoner's for Profit by Rachel A. Lamb
What Is A Puppy Mill?
Puppy Mill Nightmare
How To Stop A Puppy Mill
Puppy Mills In Pennsylvania
Captain Planet and His War On Puppy Mill

Animal Assisted Therapy

S.M.A.R.T. Dogs, Inc.
Therapy Dog - Team Training Program

Legal and Legislative Information

RDOWS - Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States
PENNSYLVANIA'S New Puppy Lemon Law

Large Pure Breed Dog Registries

American Kennel Club
National Pet Registry Inc.
World Kennel Club

Health Related Sites

DNA Studies in Doberman von Willebrand's Disease
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
AVMA Online
Canine Sports Medicine Updates
Juvenile Renal Disease

Rescue Leagues

K9 Haven (San Francisco Bay Area)
Internet Adoption - GREAT Listing for Rescue Leagues
San Diego Humane Society and SPCA
Jeff's Companion Animal Shelter - Connecting pets and elderly
LondonNet Animal Welfare - nice list of links to rescues
PetStation Rescue & Adoption Central

Obedience and Training

All About Dogs
UKC info on the WWW
Pet Behavior Resources
DogSmartz Dog Professionals Ready
To Answer Your Questions
Lori Wainio Professional Trainer
Resources for Working Malinois & their Handler around the World

Other Useful Puppy Links

Argentine Dogo Home Page "This is the only argentine breed..."
BEDA Bulldogs Home of "Commish", "Robert" Great Pet Calenders! Jag's Boxer Homepage Lots of Boxer Info. Here!
"My Dogs Better" Wonderful Dog Comic Strip!
Syd's Kids Therapy Dogs & More

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