Jul 1, 2008

Newborn Pug Puppy and 4 Cottontail Rabbits

My neighbor's 14 year old son came over last night. His pug had puppies and all but one had died, and momma didn't want to have anything to do with the remaining pup. If he could borrow a baby bottle from me.

I said sure, gave him one and told him to come back if there are any problems.

10 Minutes later he comes with this tiny tiny puppy and the huge human baby bottle where the nipple is bigger than the head, looking at me flabbergasted and asking "can you show me how to do that??". LOOOOOOOL

I check out the puppy, it was cold, lifeless, blue tongue, pheeeeeew. I asked him if he wants to leave the puppy with me I'll try my best. He agreed and I warmed the pup up, discovered quite a few antbites too, poor thing, and while I was at it anyways, I tubefed him, because he was too weak to suckle.

We did that every 2 hours. After 5 hours he peed for the first time and this morning he is pink and warm and full and happy it seems:

4 Cottontails and tube-feeding
The 4 orphaned Cottontails: