Nov 23, 2005

Found a Squirrel Baby?

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue has a new sister site!

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This is a sister site of the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue with a collection of squirrel facts, photos
and movies of squirrels as well as other important information about squirrels. The
information was acquired from many sources and personal experience.

Its purpose is NOT to serve as a reference, but rather to address some of the most
commonly asked questions about this widely known, yet rarely understood little animal.

Found a Squirrel Baby?

Baby squirrels sometimes fall out of a nest that has been damaged in
a storm or by an aggressive male squirrel. The squirrel may not be
an orphan at all, but may have just fallen from its nest. If one squirrel
has fallen from a damaged nest, others may have fallen out as well.

  • Search the immediate area.
  • Look under bushes and fallen leaves where other babies may have taken cover.
  • Lock up any lose dogs and cats and keep watch, from a distance, for one to two hours.
It's recommends that you warm the baby squirrel in your hands or by holding it close
to your body and then place it at the base of the tree. Given time, the mother will
return and retrieve her baby.

The scent of humans will not stop the mother from taking back her baby. If the weather
is cold, line a box with some towels and a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Place the
baby in the box and the box at the base of the tree.

If the mother squirrel has not returned for her young within two hours, you probably
have an orphan on your hands.

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