Apr 6, 2010

Project Saving Stephenvilles Wildlife

I just got back from introducing project "Saving Stephenville's Wildlife" to the City Council. I hope it finds support and will go through the necessary channels to be approved. Frankly, it's a nobrainer...saves the city money and spares the lives of animals. I cannot find a single reason that would speak against my proposal.

This is what it is all about (and what I read to the city council):

While at the local animal shelter I have observed our Animal Control Officers bringing in traps with healthy adult raccoons and other wildlife, which are often needlessly euthanized.

Naturally, being licensed by the State to provide assistance to State owned wildlife, I started wondering if there is any way to save these animals without causing more work.

Due to facility restraints at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue I am not capable of offering to take all these animals in, however, I have come up with a solution that I am confident will benefit all involved.

I am authorized to legally transport raccoons within 10 miles from where they were collected. We have ample and appropriate release sites that are carefully selected and within the legal limits. I am extremely diligent in matters of potential overcrowding and do not release more than 10 animals of each species at any given site per year.

Our plan is to install trail cams and microchip the relocated animals to assist in a State research project on relocation adjustment, as well as support the USDA sponsored TVR (trap-vaccinate-release) program. This will provide a further service in vaccinating wildlife against rabies and providing effective data.

To implement this effort the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue would allow the Animal Control Officers to drop off healthy trapped animals away from the public shelter at our Clifton Street facility, which is less than ½ mile from the shelter.

I will provide a secure enclosed area that's easily accessible to the officers where they will simply leave the animal remaining in the trap and take an empty trap back with them, which will also be provided.

I then will evaluate the animal and upon finding it suitable for release will proceed with the program as stated, or take the necessary steps to have the animal humanely euthanized.

This will save the city and the officers time, effort, supplies, money and completely prevent physical exposure, handling and euthanizing these animals while a the same time providing useful information to science and research.

I can accept raccoons, opossums, rabbits and squirrels for relocation. I will not accept skunks, foxes, bats, deer or coyotes.

I am looking forward to your support and am prepared to implement the simple steps needed to begin.