Mar 1, 2009

Trinity, Boy Scouts, Federal Permit

Yesterday, Trinity had her stitches removed and received the green light to start rehab. I started her exercise on the treadmill and we will go water treading tomorrow, when it's warmer. She is doing so great! In a week, 2 the most, she will be moving in with her new forever home!

The Boy Scouts, led by an Eagle Scout (I really need to learn the ranks and functions of the Scouts, so I can do them justice!) came by yesterday and stayed for a few hours to start building on the flight cage. I need an 8 x 16 x 8 foot enclosure so I can finally apply for the federal bird permit which will enable me to accept songbirds and waterfowl.

Here is a little movie of the boys working hard. They have yet to raise the netting material in order to finish the flight cage and I'm looking forward to them coming over again. They are such a delight. Kids are so curious and I always find some ears to listen to some animal stories which I try to combine with some education.