Jul 11, 2008

Drive by Duckling Drop Off

I was praising the day as "a day where I did not get any new animals in" too early! Not that I am complaining, not at all, since it was nobody else than our very own Stephenville Police Department who called and asked me if I could and would take care of some baby ducklings that somebody dropped off.

I know why I want to grow old in this town. I don't know of any other place where police officers care about the little critters too. They actually dropped those babies off at my place. Kudos!!!

A couple of the ducklings look exhausted and I hope they make it. Here's a first picture:

This morning I decided that most of the animals I had here don't need to be caged anymore and that cottontails and doves and starlings and ducklings shouldn't have a problem getting along, so I turned them all loose in the enclosure. Here is what happened: