May 18, 2007

R.I.P. little tomcat

The little red tomcat was doing so great. I returned his sister to the shelter to be put up for adoption just yesterday, because she didn't want to have anything to do with the bottle anymore. This is always my cue that they are ready to find a permanent home.

I kept the little redhead for 2 reasons. He was still interested in the bottle and I figured he would make good company for the newcomer, who needs another week or so before she is ready to go to the shelter.

I bottlefed both of them at 10 pm last night and both ate fine, pooped fine, looked fine. This morning, the redhead laid on his side, heaving. I could hear lots of noise in his chest, sounded like liquid in his respiratory system. He was not able to move at all. I immediately put him on IV fluids and gave him a shot of antibiotics, but it was too late. Once I saw that his condition worsened, I took him in to be euthanized.

His sister is still at the shelter and doing alright. I hope that she will make it through. This was quite a litter.

R.I.P. little baby, it was a pleasure to have you around!