Dec 27, 2008

Santa was good to the Critters

On Christmas Eve my phone rang. It was the Stephenville Police Department. I immediately thought "Oh oh, what happened?". The very friendly dispatcher asked me to come down to the PD, because somebody wanted to make a donation to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, but wanted to stay anonymous and brought it to the PD so they can pass it on to me. WOW!

We drove down there to pick up the donation. I'm pretty sure, it was from somebody reading the wishlist on my website and possibly this blog too, so whoever you are:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dogfood, Puppyfood, Catfood, Kittenfood, Rawhides, a huge piece of Fleece, and the Tubs for storing it all! That was a GREAT gift for the Critters.

Dec 23, 2008

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue 2008

A look back over the year 2008 at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue.

Saved: 10 rabbits, 15 opossums, 3 raccoons, 38 squirrels, 34 birds, 40 cats and kittens, 32 dogs and puppies.

172 Animals rescued at the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in the Year 2008. Watch Video below!

Dec 21, 2008

Christmas Dogs

Dexter turns out to be a funny dog lol:

The following card I printed out and will send to the people who were involved in Olivia's rescue a year ago. Olivia will be 7 years old on New Year's Eve:

Dec 20, 2008

Labradors - Butters welcomes Dexter

Today Dexter was strong enough to come out of his pen and explore the yard. I let Butters, my Yellow Lab out, to welcome him. Notice the motion blur on his tail :-).

Butters showed Dexter around, invited him into the house and showed him what and whatnot to do:

The first outing with the pack and the first time on a leash too. He did great! First he tried to refuse, then he protested, then he just got mad, and then he gave in and accepted the leash. After that I took him off leash and we let the pack run and swim:

Lets not forget that I also have some orphaned kittens here!

Dec 19, 2008

Dexter first day of recovery

After a few good meals, a bath and a good night's sleep, look at that beautiful dog!

Dec 18, 2008

Black Lab Rescue

My neighbor just rang my door bells, said he found this dog half dead in front of his door this morning, if I could help him out with that, because he had to leave.

The dog is in terrible shape, so I called Animal Control to pick him up. After I spent 5 minutes with him waiting for the AC to show, I decided to keep him for a few days, see if I can turn him around. He's such a friendly young animal...mostly Black Labrador, un-neutered male, less than a year old. I know he's probably going to be euthanized if I turn him over, so lets give him a chance. I named him Dexter:

It's hard to see, but he's skin and bones, covered with small cuts and dehydrated too. He could not walk, I had to carry least he was standing up while eating..and boy was he hungry. I'm not sure I wanna know what happened to him.

Dec 14, 2008

Kittens and Puppies

I have been lazy in updating the blog, I admit it! But now I will do some catching up.

2 puppies, 2 firekittens and 4 newborn kittens are the current residents of the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue. All 7 puppies are doing fine as of this writing. 5 are being raised at another foster home along with 2 of the fire kittens.

Here is an update on the fire kittens that had been nearly burned in a grass fire that consumed a barn. The other 2 siblings have recovered too:

Here are 2 cute movies of Doogle, who is slowly coming out of his shell:

He isn't too sure about this jingle bells dog, but I have to start exposing him to non-threatening objects so he can gain some confidence. He got lots of treats and associates the singing dog with liverwurst by now.

Dec 4, 2008

Help for the Kittens with Smoke Inhalation

Boy, those kittens are coughing up a storm from that smoke inhalation.

A volunteer for the animal shelter who also works at a vet's office, is going to take 2 of the kittens that are coughing the worst with her. Surely they can help the kittens better than I can. The 2 I am keeping are hardly coughing at all.

Here's a movie:

Dec 3, 2008

7 Puppies and 4 Kittens

So, here I thought I'm going to get bored now that the rescue is empty. As soon as I was done cleaning everything and repairing and/or replacing the little things that broke over the summer, I got the phone call.

7 puppies had been thrown into the trash in a box and if I could and would. Of course! But 7 is a lot of puppies to feed, so I reached out and found 2 sweet and kind ladies, Laura and Kelli, that took a few off my hands, so I'm down to 2 puppies.

Thank goodness so, because an hour ago I received 4 kittens that had been rescued from a fire. It was a very close call. One of the lil noses is burned and they are coughing and stinking of smoke and were all black with sud. I bathed them, put some antibiotics on the wounds and fed them.

The eyes are just opening and they are otherwise in good shape, so I'm hopeful, providing that the lungs didn't get damaged by the smoke and heat.