Jul 12, 2005

New Arrivals and Updates

Received 3 cottontails, about 2 weeks old, good shape.

Received a juvenile skunk with obvious signs of rabies; referred to animal control.

4 sparrows will need another 3 - 5 days before release; all are doing fine.

Mockingbird juvenile finally opened beak for me to feed after 2 days of forcefeeding.

The 3 not identified birds are filling in feathers: black with brown tips and streaks, spotted belly, naked face, no yellow on beak, red legs.

2 Chimney Swifts are opening their eyes; 7 days old.

2 opossums are outside in the new screen room. Since they can't climb, the largest place I had was a plastic dog pool. Filled with sheets and top of dog crate for den, covered with deer netting; they seem to love it.