Jun 30, 2005



Feed insect eater diet - Supplement diet with mealworms, water-soaked currents or raisins, bits of non-citrus fruits, and berries such as pyracantha. Also sun flower seeds, peanuts (without the shell and unsalted). Also occasional bits of chopped rat or mouse.

European starling Sturnus vulgaris

Identification Tips:

  • Length: 6 inches
  • Pointed bill-yellow for most of year, dark in fall
  • Black plumage with green and purple iridescence
  • White spots scattered about head and body-largest in fall
  • Dark wings and tail
  • Pointed wings
  • Short tail
  • Juvenile gray-brown with faint streaking below
  • Very common-frequently seen in large flocks

Similar species:

The European Starling is somewhat similar to blackbirds, cowbirds and grackles but has a shorter tail, chunkier body, white spots on the head and body (most evident in fall), and a yellow bill (not evident in the fall).