Jan 1, 2008

Yellow Lab with litter of 6

Honey plus 6

Honey with her six puppies. She had 11, but she is such bad shape, she would not have been able to handle it. Totally over-bred in a puppy mill, she is not in the best of shape, but a sweet momma and very friendly dog.

Look at her claws:

Anyways, I made a lil movie with her..during the day she's in the enclosure with the lil front run where she has sunshine and enough room to run a bit. I take her out on a leash every 2 hours around the block, she loves it.

During the night she is inside with the pups, it still freezes. For once I don't have to feed the puppies and have a momma dog who is going to teach me a LOOOOOT .

She does look thin and has bald patches on her back and tail. I will give her a bath later and see if those are scars or whatever else: