Sep 29, 2005

R.I.P. Ollie

Ollie, the crippled opossum died today in his sleep. Cause unknown. He was fine yesterday. He will be missed :(.

Sep 27, 2005

More Squirrel Orphans

4 days I received 2 little squirrel girls. Yesterday they opened their eyes.
One of the girls seems to have problems with her hind legs, possible nerve damage.

The other 2 squirrels are progressing marvelously!

Sep 20, 2005

Baby Squirrel Update

Both Squirrels opened their eyes yesterday, are fully rehydrated and are making great progress:

Sep 16, 2005

Squirrel Orphans, Ollie the Opossum, and Kittens!

2 squirrel orphans, a male and a female. The male was brought to me 2 days ago, his sister was found the next morning and followed. Both were dehydrated and cold, but this evening they both show satisfying improvement:

4 kittens were brought to me by animal control. They were found on a decaying mother and I did not expect them to be this healthy. Their eyes were still closed when I got them and today they are 4 weeks old and already use the litterbox!

Ollie, the crippled Opossum is full grown now and doing great:

Sep 1, 2005

Ollie, the crippled Opossum

Ollie likes it in his outside enclosure. He is now seven months old.
More about Ollie is in the Archives of this Blog.