Jun 30, 2007

New orphaned Puppy named Buttons

Her name is Buttons. She is approx. 3 - 4 weeks old. Her mother drowned. Homes were found for all the other pups of the litter, but nobody wanted the runt here.

I tried putting her with Kicker and it went ok for 5 minutes, just enough time to take some cute pics lol. Then he just played too rough with her..he's sooooo much bigger.

I have no clue what breed Buttons is. She has the color of a chocolate lab, but the size of a toy breed. Maybe a little bit of Schnauzer around the face?


Jun 28, 2007

Pictures talk louder than words

Kicker the dumpster puppy, 6 weeks, 11 lbs

URGENTLY NEEDED! Esbilac Milkreplacer!

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How to Donate

PuppyEduation.com, Kittenbaby.com, RainbowWildlife.com, Squirrel-Rescue.com, PetsandWildlifeForum.com, Animal-GreetingCards.com, all belong to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue Organization. I take in almost everything that is need of help, from domestic animals to urban wildlife.

Every animal that I accept and raise costs money. I do not get any support from Government offices or any other organizations.

I work from home on the computer, doing various online jobs in order to support the rescue, but sometimes that is just not enough.

There is only one item I really need on continous basis and that is Esbilac Puppy Milkreplacer, which I use as mothermilk replacement for ALL mammals that come through the rescue. An average puppy needs up to 10 lbs of Esbilac alone.

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Please help me help the animals and either make a donation or order the Esbilac directly (5lbs bucket is the most efficient) and have it shipped to:

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue
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Animals saved this year so far (as of June 2007)

Dumpster Puppy Fire Puppy
Puppy found in a dumpster Puppy rescued from a fire

Orphaned Kittens Fire Puppy
5 Orphaned Kittens Puppy rescued from a fire

Dumpster Kittens Puppy
2 Kittens found in a dumpster 3 abandoned feral kittens

Injured Cottontail Rabbit Orphaned Cottontails
Injured Cottontail Rabbit Orphaned Cottontails

Jun 22, 2007

Kicker, the Dumpster Puppy is 5 weeks now

Kicker is 5 weeks old now. He is on the Esbilac weaning formula and weighs 7 lbs. He has started to interact with my adult dogs, especially Olliver, the Great Dane. Here is a 2 minute movie from this morning:

Jun 15, 2007

Kicker, the Dumpster Puppy is 4 weeks old today!

Above: we got a little hot and had to have an ice pack to cool down.

Above: it sure smells good!

Above: strange world out here....

Above: but everything smells so interesting!

Kicker is doing great. He weighs 5.3 lbs now, compared to 1.3 lbs when I got him at the age of about 10 days. His development is satisfying and we are very very happy with him.

Jun 13, 2007

Feral Kittens and Dumpster Kittens

We are all doing great here. I managed to get one of the 4 ferals to come around a bit, so I kept her and put her with the 2 dumpster kitties. The other 3 ferals are out on a huge dairy farm as barn kittens right now.

Her name is Stripes .

Jun 3, 2007

4 Feral Kittens

I was asked to give 4 totally feral kittens a chance. They are about 8 weeks old, eating on their own, but they are throwing a hissing and spitting fit as soon as a human comes near! And they were badly starved.

I put them in the cage, gave them some food and left them alone. This morning they seemed to be a bit more comfortable and I was able to touch one kitty (the one in the first picture) while she was eating and he/she didn't complain, so that's a good start.

I wasn't able to snatch really good pics, but you'll get the idea:

They appear dirty but healthy. Stool and everything is normal.

Jun 1, 2007

Kicker, the Dumpster Puppy - The Movie

Akita Pup named Kicker, 2 weeks old

Kicker should be 2 weeks old today and he is doing great! There is nothing wrong with that puppy: