Jan 27, 2008

Olivia, day 5

Olivia made a friend . She's slowly coming out of her shell. The door to the pen is always open, and she considers the pen her 'safe place', where she goes into as soon as she gets scared or wants her quiet.

Today is the first time she left the pen to lay down and get comfy at a different spot.

She also alerts when somebody walks by..what a bark she has!

Josie, our other fostercare puppy (she was hit by a car and had a ruptured CCL. She's recovering nicely without surgery.) is making friends with Olivia.

and so did Honey. She's taking a break from the puppies and our cat Gremlin is keeping her company:

Puppy Cam Time Lapse, 8 hours of puppy time packed into 4 minutes!!