Feb 22, 2006

2 white orphaned Kittens

3 days ago I was called by a lady who was given my number from the local animal shelter. She said her cat was attacked by a dog and she had 2 kittens that just opened their eyes, but weren't doing so good. She had tried to feed them with an eyedropper with what I assume was cow's milk.

Of course I accepted the 2 kittens, a male and a female. The male fell into a coma the next day, but came around again. He had pneumonia from the cow's milk ending up in his respitory system. He had terrible diarrhea and no control about his bodily functions.
After he screamed in pain for a while, I decided it's best to relief him of his suffering.
On the way to the vet, he fell into a coma again and never woke up.

His sister Sally is doing great though! With the Lab Butters to help a bit: