Oct 2, 2009

Ian, Sara, Annie, all grown up

The last 3 orphaned raccoons of the year are nearly ready to be released. The scheduled release date is October 20th or 21st.





Opossum Mother with 3 babies in her pouch that sat in a trap for 2 days trying desperately to get out, as you can see. She's now safe with good food and enough room to raise her babies and get back into shape. Once they are all recovered from their ordeal, they will be released at a soft release site.

And then we have, besides 12 other squirrels, the little squirrel that doesn't want to grow named Bonsai:

Bonsai is the one with the eyes open. The baby in the front is FIVE WEEKS younger than Bonsai, has his eyes still closed and weighs 3 grams more than Bonsai.

This is a very interesting case. Bonsai appears healthy and very feisty..she's just very tiny.

Other than that, our little Mary still comes around to visit. Mary is a white winged dove that grew up here earlier this year and sticks around after her release: