Dec 17, 2007


Josie, chocolate lab, hit by car, possible hip injury. I saw her at the shelter and figured she's better off here. I will attempt to raise some funds for her to take her to the vet, IF it is not getting better the next 24 hours.

She can walk, but limps, she is clearly in pain, so I gave her meds for that:

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Tom Piperson said...

I think you should check out that TV station in Dallas that ran the feature on the Erath Co. Humane Society a while back. They might be interested in a cute holiday piece perhaps on one of their news shows, they all have a weekly pet feature that runs on the morning and midday news. Keep it local to Dallas because you want to find a foster home for Josie that's not too far away.

I say give Josie a big Christmas bow and some antlers, send a few video clips to the TV station, pitch a story idea to find a supportive Christmas home for this adorable chocolate pup with special needs.

The local paper E-T might also be a possibility. I would pitch it to their editorial page editor. Type up a brief note and wrap it around a liter of Jack Daniels. (You know how those editorial types like to keep a bottle of hooch tucked away for inspiration at odd moments during the day.)

A third angle would be to shame a vet into performing the surgery for free. Look at all the priceless Christmas publicity they would get! It is win-win for Josie and the vet. Especially a younger vet who wanted to spread their reputation. This is guaranteed to improve his/her vet practice because it will make a memorable story of Christmas compassion and spirit that pet owners will remember.

Hope it all comes together, Josie has got a good chance with your help, I think. Someone is out there to pay for the surgery and there is a person who will adopt Josie and make a meaningful lifetime committment.

Finding solutions that bring owners together with animals for common benefit. It's the kind of interspecies harmony this world needs for healing.

Keep up the good work, Birgit! Always a pleasure. :-)