Jun 28, 2007

Kicker the dumpster puppy, 6 weeks, 11 lbs

URGENTLY NEEDED! Esbilac Milkreplacer!

Please donate or order Esbilac and ship directly!
Address and more Information HERE

How to Donate

PuppyEduation.com, Kittenbaby.com, RainbowWildlife.com, Squirrel-Rescue.com, PetsandWildlifeForum.com, Animal-GreetingCards.com, all belong to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue Organization. I take in almost everything that is need of help, from domestic animals to urban wildlife.

Every animal that I accept and raise costs money. I do not get any support from Government offices or any other organizations.

I work from home on the computer, doing various online jobs in order to support the rescue, but sometimes that is just not enough.

There is only one item I really need on continous basis and that is Esbilac Puppy Milkreplacer, which I use as mothermilk replacement for ALL mammals that come through the rescue. An average puppy needs up to 10 lbs of Esbilac alone.

Esbilac Milkreplacer - Google Product Search
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Please help me help the animals and either make a donation or order the Esbilac directly (5lbs bucket is the most efficient) and have it shipped to:

Rainbow Wildlife Rescue
502 E. Clifton
Stephenville, TX 76401

Animals saved this year so far (as of June 2007)

Dumpster Puppy Fire Puppy
Puppy found in a dumpster Puppy rescued from a fire

Orphaned Kittens Fire Puppy
5 Orphaned Kittens Puppy rescued from a fire

Dumpster Kittens Puppy
2 Kittens found in a dumpster 3 abandoned feral kittens

Injured Cottontail Rabbit Orphaned Cottontails
Injured Cottontail Rabbit Orphaned Cottontails

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