Jul 3, 2007

Quite a Scare!

Buttons gave us quite a scare already. 2 days ago she started throwing up and would not eat or drink for 24 hours. She started to get dehydrated and was whining the entire time..obviously very nauseated and in pain.

I tried a few things from antibiotics to targament to electrolytes, nothing worked. I decided to bring her to the shelter and let them decide what to do with her.

They suggested to give it one more day, because it did not look like parvo or anything of that sort. They gave her a penicillin shot and some de-wormer and I took her back home. She slept for a few hours, woke up and was huuuuuuuungry!!!

So we are all good to go again. She just won't drink from the bottle, has to be the bowl, even though her teeth aren't all through yet..something is up with her suckle reflex or so...never experienced anything like it before.

But whatever works, she can drink the formula out of a bowl and even start on some soft food .

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