Oct 17, 2007

New LoLCats Postcards on Kittenbaby.com !

LolCats Postcards Orphaned Kitty Care
All ur ballz r belong to me!
U letted them eatz mah cheezbrgr. so I iz here to kill youse
High, meh luvz the kitty grass, k.
Where iz mah mouze???
All Your Kibbles R Belong To Us!
I waz in ur base, I killed ur d00dz
singz i believez is can flyz i belivez iz can touch da skyz
I iz gonna killz joo!
I r sleepin on the job, dun tell da boss, k?
I iz in your house scarin away ghostz
Xuzes meh, has u seen my mummy maybes pleeze?
I is frekin out dog!
I is ninja and i assasseeneete ur dog
Woot i waz trying to tell joo before was that i ate your cheezburgrz.
Iz huggliez time now!
k, i kiss u, cuz I know it teh only action ur gon get
Drugz iz bad, mmmkz!
i iz on ur cowch eated your babiez, k
K not now, meh needz mo sleepz
Iz in ur house steelin ur ballz
Dis not cheezbrgr, kitteh is not pleased!

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