Feb 8, 2008

Olivia, day 17

Took Olivia to the vet today to see if she is ready to start the heartworm treatment.

She weighs 100 lbs even (that's a weight gain of 30 lbs within 17 days!), but her liver isn't doing good enough just yet to start the treatment, so we are going to wait another 2 weeks with that.

She did get all her vaccinations, including rabies, today.

Honey plus 1 was supposed to be adopted out today, however, change of plans: 2 pups were adopted out and these very nice and kind people offered to have Honey spayed as soon as she is ready!

So, all I have left here is Olivia to get spayed once her heart worm treatment is finished; lil Josie needs to be spayed in 2 weeks; then it's Honey's turn in about a month.

Tomorrow the remaining 3 puppies will get their first puppy shot; Josie will get her 3rd and last 8 in 1 shot, and Honey will get her first as well. She is the only one left that needs a rabies vaccination, so I will set that up for next week as well.

Looks like we are all set! Now it's up to me to do some serious obedience training with them! Honey is such a natural and Olivia is getting there too, but lil Josie is a pain! She is turning juvenile now, testing the limits!

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