Feb 24, 2008

Olivia, Honey, Josie, Oliver, Butters, Sandy and 7 puppies

5 newborn Border Collies thrown out of a car in a walmart plastic bag.

Honey taking care of them. She does not have enough milk anymore, so
I usually feed them and she does the rest.. cleans them and lets them suckle.

Honey and one of her own daughters (I have 2 females left from her litter
and they will go to the shelter tomorrow for adoption. I need room!)

Honey's other daughter

Olliver and Olivia (front)
Olivia is in heat now ( MESSY!!! ), so we had to put the heartworm
treatment off for a week.

The danes playing :)

Josie, the chocolate lab mix..she goes back to the shelter tomorrow for
adoption. If she is not being adopted right away, I will have her spayed
this week. My vet said I can work that off.

Here is the rest of the gang..Olivia to the right, Sandy (16 years old) behind
her, Butters the lab to the left and behind him, Gremlin, our tomcat who is
obsessed with dogs!

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