Apr 16, 2008

First week of Rabies Quarantine is behind us

We managed to get through the first week without any major problems, except that more skunks are turning up, just wandering through my yard and spraying away happily.

2 days ago I saw this calico cat sitting in the middle of the street. She looked dead, but was still moving. I wrapped her up in a blanket, took her home and examined her. She was totally messed up by another animal, lots of head trauma, bite wounds all over and she smelled unmistakably like skunk! I knew she was beyond any help, so I called Animal Control and they picked her up.

The rabies situation has really taken a toll in this town, or is it just me???

Well, we'll deal with it the best we can. I'm trying to keep my dogs entertained since they have no way of getting rid of their energy in any creative way, so it usually turns into aggression. Playing ball is one way, but mentally it's not cutting it either.

I bought a bale of hay today and let them have a go at that, now they got some warm bedding to sleep on too.

I still need a couple of large off the ground dog houses. Tractor Supply was sold out of Igloo dog houses with those thick rubber bottom, which would be the only alternative to an off ground dog house. The igloo ones at Walmart are falling apart just by looking at them, wasted 74 Dollars on one.

The real original igloos are hard to come by, I learned! If I was just handy enough to build my own dog houses, so they can be off the ground a bit, but I have 2 left hands.

If anybody reads this and is a bit handy and wants to donate some of his or her time for dog house building, contact me!!!

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