May 14, 2008

Miss Dolittle's Critter Newsletter for May 2008

Miss Dolittle

Miss Dolittle's Critter Newsletter

Miss Dolittle

Dog Updates...

Olivia: she is doing wonderfully! She overcame her false pregnancy finally and shows interest in other things, especially the rest of the pack. Now that she is spayed, heartworm-free and feeling good about herself, she is playing and acting like a puppy all day long.

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with Olivia here!
Olivia and Rosy
If you missed it:
Olivia's Story is here!

Honey: It is time that the rabies quarantine is over (on May 23rd), so she can get out of this yard and start some training. Her intelligence is bubbling over and almost screaming to be used.

For more updates on the dogs keep reading the Puppyeducation Blog!

Cat Updates...

Serenity: is in the process of being adopted!

3 out of 9 Kittens left: 3 female kittens were raised by Serenity, but they are not her own. They are still waiting for the right person to come along and adopt them!

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Read Serenity's Story and that of her Kittens here!

How you can help without spending money:

You may have noticed, while surfing my various animal related websites, the Google Adsense ads throughout the pages. These ads are the main supporter of my animal rescue efforts.

I am aware that it is not within Google's regulation to ask users directly to click those ads, but I do want to take the opportunity to point out the fact that Google is our main supporter.

Should you find an ad of interest, please do not click it ten times in a row with the kind intention to support the rescue. Google counts 2 clicks per visitor per day.

Erath County Humane Society's adoptable Pet of the Week:

Hillary is an older female Basset Hound that was picked up in a seizure. Detailed information is not available.

She has been at the shelter for a while now and gets along with everything and everybody. Hillary has the typical Basset Hound low energy personality, very mellow, relaxed, and comfortable to be around.

Her specialty is that she sounds like a human baby. She is very vocal and "talks" to you, which is very entertaining and I have only observed in Huskies so far.

She does not appear to be spayed. Hillary would make a wonderful pet for just about everybody that has a spot for her in their hearts.

Click HERE to view Hillary's Ad

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