May 19, 2008

Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit - looking for Volunteers

It's here! The wildlife rehabilitation permit is finally here! From now on I can accept all mammals except fawns, foxes or coyotes, or endangered species. Next year, providing I find volunteers to help me, I am aiming for the federal migratory bird permit as well.

Currently I am looking for animal lovers in the Stephenville, Texas area, that are willing to get involved with the local wildlife rescue efforts and start building the Board of Directors.

Here is what I have in mind, my ideas and goals:

The Rainbow Wildlife Rescue has already non-profit status, but no 501(c) (3) recognition. This is something that is also on the goal list for next year.

I need people that are capable of building a couple of simple aviaries and a shed, once we have the material, as well as bird and squirrel houses and cages.

I also need somebody creative with good PR skills that can handle fundraisers and organize such events, locally as well as online, because I do not have the time for that.

And I need somebody for emergencies that can physically assist me with an injured animal if needed.

If you are interested, Email me!

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