Jul 29, 2008


Today was a pretty uneventful day, except that the dove flew off while I was cleaning the enclosure. And she flew like a champ, I'm not worried that she thinks she is a duck anymore!

Talking about ducks, here are a couple of pictures. They are changing their feathers now:

Then we have the 4 opossums. The lil fuzzballs are all teeth by now LOL:

And Doogle feels right at home here. Besides him liking various pieces of laundry, he is making great progress. He eats well, is almost housebroken, got his first 7 in 1 vaccination and is currently dragging a light leash around so he can get used to it. Since he is a very scared little dog, I want to take it easy on him without enabling his fears, which is not easy.

And not to forget these darlings, 7 of them:

More pictures of Bumble, the raccoon, soon!

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