Aug 2, 2008

Life without Honey

Life without Honey has been different today. I thought of her just about every 5 minutes for 4 1/2 minutes. But I also smiled a lot remembering her. Putting away her food bowl, seeing her old collar, finding her toys all over the place no other dogs would ever play with....I sighed a lot too :).

Olliver, Olivia, and Butters have been looking around more than usual too:

The kittens are almost weaned and ready to go up for adoption:

Here's the loudest and feistiest and the only one that does not belong to the litter, all the rest are siblings:

Look at those eyes! It's a shame that they color will most likely change:

Doogle is doing great too and so is Sandy and the wildlife. Not much to report today other than that we got a lil sparrow, but he seems to be too severely injured to make it through the night. On the other hand, they have surprised me too, so we'll see tomorrow morning!

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