Dec 18, 2008

Black Lab Rescue

My neighbor just rang my door bells, said he found this dog half dead in front of his door this morning, if I could help him out with that, because he had to leave.

The dog is in terrible shape, so I called Animal Control to pick him up. After I spent 5 minutes with him waiting for the AC to show, I decided to keep him for a few days, see if I can turn him around. He's such a friendly young animal...mostly Black Labrador, un-neutered male, less than a year old. I know he's probably going to be euthanized if I turn him over, so lets give him a chance. I named him Dexter:

It's hard to see, but he's skin and bones, covered with small cuts and dehydrated too. He could not walk, I had to carry least he was standing up while eating..and boy was he hungry. I'm not sure I wanna know what happened to him.

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Luis said...

How can people treat animals that way it's just so horrible and mean too.People think that dogs are animals but their not.They need to be loved played with and to be safe.Not beated or abused.Just remember that all dogs and other living animals are made by god.