Dec 20, 2008

Labradors - Butters welcomes Dexter

Today Dexter was strong enough to come out of his pen and explore the yard. I let Butters, my Yellow Lab out, to welcome him. Notice the motion blur on his tail :-).

Butters showed Dexter around, invited him into the house and showed him what and whatnot to do:

The first outing with the pack and the first time on a leash too. He did great! First he tried to refuse, then he protested, then he just got mad, and then he gave in and accepted the leash. After that I took him off leash and we let the pack run and swim:

Lets not forget that I also have some orphaned kittens here!

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A Ph.D. student just trying to make my way.... said...

Dexter looks GREAT and what a gift that Butters gave him the tour! Labs are the best and obviously Dexter had an angel watching over him and brought him to you!