Dec 27, 2008

Santa was good to the Critters

On Christmas Eve my phone rang. It was the Stephenville Police Department. I immediately thought "Oh oh, what happened?". The very friendly dispatcher asked me to come down to the PD, because somebody wanted to make a donation to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, but wanted to stay anonymous and brought it to the PD so they can pass it on to me. WOW!

We drove down there to pick up the donation. I'm pretty sure, it was from somebody reading the wishlist on my website and possibly this blog too, so whoever you are:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dogfood, Puppyfood, Catfood, Kittenfood, Rawhides, a huge piece of Fleece, and the Tubs for storing it all! That was a GREAT gift for the Critters.

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