May 22, 2009

Raccoons, birds and a rehabber

Today Pumkin was introduced to a larger pool. I had gone to the Dollar Store and bought tons of colorful toys I to play with.

The first thing Pumkin did when I placed her into the pool was to tinkle into the water LOL. After that...well, see for yourself!

Afterward we had a good meal:

The birds also benefited from the trip to the Dollar Store. They got new baskets. Below you see 2 mourning doves and 3 phoebes:

An injured great-horned owl that spent a night here before she was picked by the avian rehabber:

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Katt n Ticker n The Girls said...

Wonderful pics! Pumpkin is beautiful as are the fledgling birds. That Great Horned Owl is AWESOME! Once had one in the trees out front of the house at dusk - just had to call my Dad (I'm in TX - he was in Maine) so he could listen to him calling. Beautiful!