May 28, 2009

Raccoons Raccoons Raccoons

I finally have a few minutes to update this blog.

Pumkin has moved to the outside enclosure and has started to play. Unfortunately she is still alone, so I spend a fair amount of time playing with her:

Sad news about Peanut (who's a girl after all!). She has neurological problems and has no control over certain movements of her body, such as her head. Thankfully, Jani at the Breezy's Place in South Texas has offered to come and pick her up. She will get the best treatment possible which I cannot afford at this time. If she is not releasable, she will have a permanent home there too. Thank you, Jani and Katt!!

Then I have 3 new additions of about 10 days old, 2 girls and a boy. I named Abi, Lena, and Ian, based on the town they originated from, Abilene that is. All 3 are doing good, even though they are on antibiotics due to previous aspiration:

Coco says Hi too:

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